Support Your Village Hall

The Village Hall makes a significant contribution to the well-being and social life of our community and is also the ‘Place of Safety’ should there be emergency events when residents need to evacuate their homes.

Ensuring we always have sufficient funds in the budget to pay our annual running costs (c.£3000) is a key concern as we are a small community and there is no guaranteed income stream.

Hall's Angels

In order to build in some security, the hall committee launched the Hall’s Angels scheme, inviting local people, second-home owners and local businesses to support us by agreeing to donate either a regular or a one-off amount to the Village Hall.

The scheme has been running for six years now and has been a lifeline. We are most grateful to all who have participated. Their generous contributions have enabled the Trustees to focus more time and energy on developing and maintaining the hall for the future.

We would welcome new members to the scheme. If you might be willing to support us in this way, please use the contact form to get in touch.